Book – Foxfinder
Author – Dawn King
Year – 2011
Genre – Play
Pages  79
Lent to me by Alex Campbell

Another plug to begin with!  Alex will be directing her first show with DAODS this summer – this very play, Foxfinder, from 29th and 30th September.  If you want to come and see it then let me know, and I shall sort you out, as I think it is going to be a brilliant show.

Indeed, the play itself is brilliant.  No description is given of when it is set, but in my own mind it has a dystopian feel to it, and is based around a small farm where a foxfinder is sent to investigate.  Foxes have become the bane of humanity, and it is the job of William – our eponymous foxfinder – to seek them out should they be at the farm.

Sounds a little odd, and potentially lightweight, but in actuality, it is an incredible piece of writing.  The depth of the characters is immense for what is actually quite a short piece, and the complexity of the world in which they live shines through as it unfurls at exactly the right places.  As you read it, you can hear the performance in the words, which for me is a great way of telling that a play will transfer well from the page to the stage.

It has occasional faults – there are one or two scenes that I think I was unnecessarily uncomfortable with, and the ending is still niggling at me for one particular scene that I am not sure if it is right or not, but they are matters of opinion, and actually do nothing to take away the incredible effect of the piece.  I will be there both nights of the show, sorting out the lighting, and you should try and make it too.