Book – Grumpy Old Men
Author – David Quantick
Year – 2004
Genre – Toilet Book
Pages – 143

Over the past couple of years I have read several books that would be considered as ‘grumpy old men’ books.  It was a fad that was pretty big around the early 2000s, and spawned many books and talking head TV shows.  One of my recent reads in this category was the quite frankly dreadful Don’t Get Me Startedbut unperturbed, I pushed onwards by reading David Quantick’s Grumpy Old Men.

And very glad I am that I did.  Most of the time these books tends to try and make the reader think ‘Ah yes!  I agree that this is something that makes me grumpy.  Ha ha ha.  It must therefore be funny that we agree on this, and you have put it in a book to validate it.  Ha ha ha.’  There is not necessarily anything wrong with books like this, but it is nice to read one that tries to inject actual humour into proceedings, and manages it brilliantly.

The subjects aren’t particularly new – public transport, traffic wardens and D-list celebrities all receive the treatment – but Quantick manages to make his rants genuinely laugh out loud funny.  Instead of feeling the moment of resentment you usually feel with these books when the author chooses a subject you like, you look forward to reading how he will make you laugh at it. And I genuinely did laugh out loud several times whilst reading this book.  Of course, it is massively within the realm of quite disposable toilet books, but as they go, a very good one indeed.