Today has been a hot day, and one where I have received numerous snapchats and messages of friends in the sun, usually with a summer themed alcoholic beverage in hand.  And what have I been doing?  Well, the same thing I do most of my weekends, marking.

I have done little to hide on here that my two big loves are books and theatre.  The first of those was what inspired me to become an English teacher, and the second is what has inspired me to now move departments and take over Drama.  Due to a long series of events, the upshot is that I am guiding in three GCSE classes in three different subjects to port at the moment, and the workload has been pretty horrendous.  Today should be my last big day of doing a tonne of work, but upon having a few minutes break with a cup of tea (remember, from in my living room, this summer weather does not exist) I happened to notice that my nemesis had returned.

Bob is back.  In fact, he has been back for a fair few months, but I had only just noticed (aside from a slightly hazy recollection of him mentioning it whilst mildly inebriated, which had eluded me until his post).  And so far, not many reviews, but instead a heap of blogs all about books and book related things.  Well, despite my looming deadline, and desire to finish work so I could drink cider in the sun, I instead just spent half an hour reading what he had to say.

And I have found myself jealous.  Bob is writing some great stuff about books again (as my nemesis, it pains me to say it, but even his stuff about sports books – of which I am not a particular fan – enticed me to click on the links he had supplied) and seems to be enjoying his blog.  And I appear incapable of getting back on the horse at the moment.  Bob’s observation that sometimes the reviews seem to get in the way of the reading is quite true, except for me at the moment, it seems to be everything getting in the way of the reading.

I’d like this to be another “Right!  Now I am doing it properly and getting back blogging!”, but have done a few of them in the past.  So instead, I am going to say “Right!  I enjoyed writing this blog, and not marking for a few more minutes.  I shall have to do so again sometime!” and be happy by it.

And of course, this blog writing is nothing to do with a competitive nature coming back to the fore…

Read Bob’s blog here

P.S The boxing book called Bob just happened to pop up on a google search for a suitable picture, and seemed so appropriate, I had to use it!  Sorry if you are the Boxing Book Bob creator.