Book – Skellig

Author – David Almond
Year – 1998
Genre – Children’s Fantasy
Pages – 170

So this is one of those books that I read for school.  The things I do for work.  A fair warning, there will be some spoilery bits in here, because I don’t care to recommend this one to you very much.

Skellig tells the story of Michael, a boy whose life has been changed by a move of house, and a brand new baby sister in his life.  When he is feeling at his lowest he meets a kooky girl next door called Mina, and an angel called Skellig who lives in his garage, eats woodlice, Chinese food and beer, and can make people fly.

Sounds like an interesting concept, doesn’t it?  Well, unfortunately it isn’t.  I only read this book after I had already decided to start teaching it at school, and I immediately regretted the decision.  It meant spending most of my week discussing this dull, tepid, slow book with students in my classes.  To their credit, some of them seemed to take a fair bit from the book, so maybe it my advancing age that caused the problem here.  But simply speaking, this blog is about what I think of books, and alas, I didn’t think much of this.  Not even enough to really give it a more satisfactory review than this.