Book 230 – Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Book – Insurgent
Author – Veronica Roth
Year – 2012
Pages – 525
Genre – Young Adult Dystopian Sci-Fi
Series – The Divergent Series

It is so hard writing a review of a sequel, especially when you read it immediately after the first, and even more so when you have since read the last of the trilogy (I really ate these books up).  Rest assured, from now, here lie spoilers.

Insurgent picks up immediately where the previous book, Divergent, left off.  Tris is left in the aftermath of the attack on her people that she so nearly avoided.  The status quo has been upset, and now instead of being the one who is seen as different to the factions of the past, she is one of the many who are now fighting back against the sweeping changes that are taking place, this time as an insurgent.

This book is more of the same – full of action and just enough character pathos that you really care for what is happening to Tris and all of her friends.  The plot moves along at a fair old pace, and as a result I managed this book in even less time than before.  There are a few twists along the way, and it is simply a cracking read.

I have so little to say about this one that I didn’t say in my review of the first book of the series – maybe hence why it has taken me a week to write this – but that is not to take anything away from it.  More of the same is so often exactly the right thing and Veronica Roth has totally hit the nail on the head with this second book of the trilogy.

The third book, I think I might have a little more to say about…


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