Book 270 – Damn! Why Did I Write This Book?

Book – Damn! Why Did I Write This Book?

Author – JTG

Year – 2015

Pages – 76

Genre – Wrestling Autobiography

I am aware that my reading numbers are not high, and they are even lower for wrestling books, but please stick around for this one. I’ll get the wrestling stuff over early, because I mainly want to talk about the front cover of this one, and it doesn’t really matter at all what type of book this is for that.

The wrestling part is this – JTG is not a huge star. We aren’t talking The Rock or Hulk Hogan here. He was in a semi-successful tag team a while back. The joy of self publishing means he gets to write a tell all. And he nearly tells all. It seems that JTG is a colossal pain in the neck, and has wound everyone up at some point, and whilst he wants to tell you all about it, he is too scared to name names most of the time, so he just doesn’t. This has allowed internet sleuths to work out who he means, and they are relatively interesting stories. Fair play to him for that – you don’t have to be a big name to have interesting stories to tell.

But you do have to be a big name to get a publishing deal. And an agent. And most importantly, an editor. Because my god he has not. Leaving aside the lack of page numbers (I had to literally count them for the purposes of this blog), incredible number of typos, and the fact that this obviously started as a word document where each new story was on a new page, but nobody remembered to lose the line feeds before publication, it is an absolute mess before you even open it.

Take a little moment to look at the picture of the front cover that I have attached to this post. Let’s go through it. I will start with “The Critically Accliamed”. No. No it is not. This has always been the front cover, and you have had that before any critics could have read it. Because no one is acclaiming it. Although maybe you are just being clever here JTG, because you don’t suggest that is is critically acclaimed. You suggest it is critically “accliamed”. Word three of the front cover and there is a typo. Then on to the picture. There is an errant space before the declamation mark. There is no question mark after the question. The potty-mouthed little stick man has quite rightfully had his swear words bleeped, but the resulting sentence is “F**k IT!”. The capitals put the stress on the second word. Try saying that out loud now (if you are alone) and register just how weird that is. The back cover fares a little better, although still has five typos or mistakes.

I mean, I don’t want to slate it too much. I enjoyed it, I really did. It has a certain charm about it. But it is awful. I mean, really, really badly written. It is a pity that something with this little oversight is able to be published. And the joy of it is that he wrote another one! It’s a tricky one to grade, but the fact that a lot of my enjoyment came from me laughing at how ridiculous it is has not helped its case.


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