Book 271 – 100

Book – 100

Author – Diene Petterle, Neil Monaghan, Christopher Heimann

Year – 2003

Pages – 63

Genre – Play

Characters – (2f, 3m – one m probably flexible)

Play a Day hasn’t been going fully to plan – I started really getting back into some actual novels – but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t managed to read any at all. 100 is one of the plays on the GCSE syllabus and as a result is one that we picked up at school last year, so this seemed the time to give it a shot.

The play is set in a sort of holding room for heaven, where four people, assisted by a Guide, try to pick one moment from their lives that they can hold on to forever. This is the only memory that they are able to relive so they should pick one that is entirely suitable for them. Each struggles to find the right one, but they are on a time limit – if they do not chose in time then they will suffer an unexplained, but truly awful fate. To make things worse, they cannot be sure that their memories will actually be accepted.

The play started out as a devised piece, and this is quite evident. It uses a sparse space, and was originally done with only bamboo sticks to represent all of the props. It is a wonderful clean slate for a group to work with, and actually allows for more performers should the desire exist. The story is gripping, and the script clever without being too smart.

This is the kind of play I look for, and although – as with most plays – I would probably have rather seen it first than read it, I still took a lot from it. And it has a character called Alex which is a nice bonus.


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