Book 280 – Blue Is The Warmest Color

Book – Blue Is The Warmest Color

Author – Julie Maroh

Year – 2010

Pages – 156

Genre – Graphic Novel

Bought for me by Jeni and Alinda (I think – although Jeni couldn’t remember it at all)

I have read a couple of comic books before, but I believe that this might be the first time I have read what would be classified as a graphic novel. Certainly within the confines of this blog at least. This is maybe a little strange as I probably own about thirty. I pick them up whenever I can because I have a longstanding love of comic books, but never seem to get round to reading them. Well, with this, a graphic novel probably more famous now for the film that followed, I have finally stepped on that bandwagon.

The book is a love story. Two women coming to grips with their sexuality, the heartbreak this causes, and the way the scars from the situation drives their future relationship. And it is beautiful, both in story and in design, with the colour (or color as it is stylised here) being of particular beauty and showing the interaction of the pair. The present has colour, but the past is shown only in a slightly sepia grey, but with the ever present blue highlighting the love of the narrator’s life. Everything about it looks stunning, down to the perfect lettering, and I found myself so absorbed that I read the entire thing in one sitting.

It is not without its faults however. Despite excellent build, the third act is rushed to the extreme and as a result the payoff suffers hugely. This is a shame as I found myself fully invested throughout, and I would liked something a little more satisfying. This does mean the book suffers, but I would still highly recommend it – although only to adult readers please as it contains some pretty graphic sex scenes in it. A short review, but a short book. Still one worth some of your time though.


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