Book 289 – Black Klansman

Book – Black Klansman Author – Ron Stallworth Year – 2014 Pages – 191 Genre – Autobiography Last year, we sat down to watch Spike Lee’s film BlackkKlansman. It is a film about a black man, who makes the interesting decision to join the KKK. It is made more understandable – although by no means … Read moreBook 289 – Black Klansman

Book 288 – An Inspector Calls

Book – An Inspector Calls Author – JB Priestley Year – 1945 Pages – 72 Genre – Play, Mystery Roles – 4m, 2f, plus one very small female role Last lockdown, I tried Play A Day (I shan’t explain the concept, I imagine you can guess). It didn’t last very long. This time I am … Read moreBook 288 – An Inspector Calls