Book 291 – Postcards From The Edge

Book – Postcards From The Edge

Author – Carrie Fisher

Year – 1987

Pages – 226

Genre – Fiction

Looking back over the blog, there are a hundred times where I have said “I haven’t posted for ages”. Let’s just pretend that this is the New Year version of this where I pledge to do better, and caveat that this book and the next couple are ones that I am catching up with from last year, so I apologise in advance for any brevity due to the time since I read them.

Suzanne Vale is a Hollywood star who has gone off the rails. After a decent into addiction and with a shattered romantic life, she is in rehab, and surrounded by many who have had it far worse than she has. Postcards from the Edge takes us through her time here and her subsequent attempts to rebuild her life and her career. It is very obviously based on elements of Carrie Fisher’s life, but also could very easily be any number of more recent female stars, harassed for their looks or perceived indiscretions. Fisher plays with the format of the writing, changing time, point of view, style of presentation and even between first and third person in a way that is very clever. You don’t definitely expect a Hollywood actress to write in a way that is literarily quite intelligent – an assumption that leans right into the core of what she is trying to say with this book – but she really does. It makes it all the less surprising that this book was therefore a best seller and became an Oscar winning film. Well worth a read.


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