New year, new me. That’s how the saying goes. I don’t think that’s always the right way to do things mind. But sometimes you need an excuse to get off your backside and actually do something. That is what I am trying to do now.

I would like to write. But, as my tagline at the top says, that means I need to write. And whilst I can write what I like in a notebook, or in some squirrelled away part of my computer, that achieves nothing. So I have made this website, Alex Writes Stuff, in order to actually get around to writing something. I would like to say I am writing for me, but that’s not necessarily true, so as a result if you have something to say then please do! It has taken me days and days to set up this website – WordPress lulls you into a false sense of security with their “Five Minute Set Up” claim; whilst it might be true that it takes five minutes to install it, if you’d rather it looked like anything other than an abandoned ghost page then it takes considerably longer – and I believe you should be able to post on these. It would make my day if you would. And if no one reads it, then that is fine – I still put it out there.

I have imported all of my book reviews from the old Blogger page I had. Whilst I am aware that they are hardly peak return reading, I get a lot of pride and pleasure from looking back on them from time to time. That will be my first port of action – writing up my books that I read. I’d like to add more over time – I have a bunch of other resolutions that I’d like to incorporate – but then how many first blog posts say that kind of thing then stop abruptly…

Well, let’s hope that isn’t this.