Book – Sea of Tranquility

Author – Emily St John Mandel

Pages – 259

Year – 2022

Genre – Science Fiction

Bought for me by Alex

Spanning several centuries, Mandel’s Sea of Tranquility follows several different people – the exiled Edwin, starting a new life in Canada, the famous writer Olive as she returns from the moon to do an Earth book tour, the intrepid Gaspery who certainly knows more than he is letting on, and several other characters whose lives link together in ways that you would not expect. What you end up with is a tapestry of stories with linked themes, that slowly come together to create a wonderful story about the past, the future and pandemics.

Writing blurbs for my reviews is not my strongest point – these are meant more as a memento to myself than to promote the books – but this is a tricky concept even within that weakness, as I really would not want to tell anyone who was about to read this any more than I just have. I had no idea where I was with Sea of Tranquility for a rather long time, but just was enjoying the ride. And then as it started to come together I really started to love it.

There is nothing particularly out of the ordinary about Mandel’s writing, and yet it is such a joy to be in her books. Having read and loved Station Eleven a little while back I was so keen to get started with this when I received it as a Christmas gift, and I was absolutely not let down. If you enjoy sci-fi that is on the lighter side (no three headed aliens and complex futuristic systems to get to grips with here), then this is well worth a look, and you may even get through it as quickly as I did.