Book 268 – Angels and Demons

Book – Angels and Demons Author – Dan Brown Year – 2000 Pages – 620 Genre – Thriller Series – Robert Langdon I have been loosely doing Play-A-Day, and will update it here at some point, but I actually felt that I wanted to read something with a bit more verve at this strange time. … Read moreBook 268 – Angels and Demons

Book 264 – The Real Inspector Hound

Book – The Real Inspector Hound Author – Tom Stoppard Year – 1968 Pages – 48 Genre – Play Characters – 8 (3f, 5m) I have spoken before about my admiration of the writing style of Tom Stoppard. His plays are written, in my experience, not to just be performed, but also to be read. … Read moreBook 264 – The Real Inspector Hound

Book 263 – Sparkleshark

Book – Sparkleshark Author – Philip Ridley Year – 1997 Pages – 39 Genre – Play Recommended by Kerry Clarke-Tucker Characters – 9 (3f, 6m) As of today, Coronatime has hit. Schools are closed. Pubs are closed. Theatres, clubs, restaurants, gyms – all closed. The directive is to stay inside, and this may last for … Read moreBook 263 – Sparkleshark

Book 262 – The Pearl

Book – The Pearl Author – John Steinbeck Year – 1947 Pages – 120 Genre – Fiction John Steinbeck has a very confusing reputation. Of Mice And Men is considered by many across Britain as an absolute classic – if for no other reason than until the Government saw fit to cut it, the vast … Read moreBook 262 – The Pearl

Book 261 – The Book With No Pictures

Book – The Book With No Pictures Author – BJ Novak Pages – 48 Year – 2014 Genre – Children’s Bought for me by Oliver Walsh I read books to show I am clever. I mean, what is more important in life than looking more intelligent than other people? As such, I was incredibly excited … Read moreBook 261 – The Book With No Pictures

Book 260 – The Virgin and the Gipsy

Book – The Virgin and The Gipsy Author – DH Lawrence Year – 1930 Pages – 90 Genre – Fiction I went through a little phase where I thought that Penguin Classics are some of the most beautiful books and bought about as many as I could get my hands on. Whilst I do not … Read moreBook 260 – The Virgin and the Gipsy

Book 259 – Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down

Book – Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down Author – Nicey and Wifey Year – 2004 Pages – 179 Genre – Non-Fiction It sometimes seems that the internet is made up of about twenty different websites. A few of them may differ from person to person, but the bulk of them are made … Read moreBook 259 – Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down

Book 253 – The Subtle Knife

Book – The Subtle Knife Author – Philip Pullman Year – 1997 Pages – 341 Genre – Fantasy Series – His Dark Materials The year before last, I started re-reading the His Dark Materials books having taken Northern Lights with me to Venice. This was in preparation for the start of the new TV series … Read moreBook 253 – The Subtle Knife