Book – Waiting for Doggo

Author – Mark B Mills

Pages – 213

Year – 2014

Genre – Fiction

Borrowed from Dartford Library

So much for the old “never judge a book by its cover” rule. Not only have I broken this repeatedly this year, but I have now gone a step further and borrowed this book based simply on the fact that it is a pun about one of my favourite plays.

Clara has left Daniel. She didn’t say it to his face as such, but rather left it in a note in their flat along with Doggo, their recently adopted, incredibly ugly pet. Daniel is thrown for a loop, left with this animal that does not like him, and he doesn’t want, in between jobs in advertising, and with the growing realisation that nobody in his life was all that fond of Clara to begin with. He tries to take Doggo back to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, but upon hearing that they would need to remove his manliest parts, decides on a whim to keep him. From here, we see how Doggo can effect Daniel’s life as he starts a new job, meets new friends, and maybe a new love.

In a way there is some real similarity between this book and the last that I read. Both are nice, and quite easy reads with a cast of believable and likable characters that leave you feeling quite satisfied. Is this a new modern classic? Most certainly not, but I can tell you this much – I really enjoyed reading it. Mills writes very well and the story intertwines wonderfully. There are some great character moments, and sub plots that – whilst probably not strictly necessary – make the book feel considerably more lived in. Without heralding this from the rooftops, I think it would be very fair to say that I would go out of my way to read more by the author, and would definitely recommend you take a few hours to absorb this little pleasure.